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Hey Arnold! Story Ideas

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Hey Arnold! Story Ideas Empty Hey Arnold! Story Ideas

Post by bobby12 on Sat Sep 04, 2010 11:16 am

This forum is for people that have story ideas and want to get other people's opinions before writing/publishing a story. Post your idea and see if it's something that people would want to read. Also, a great way to gain suggestions.

My first idea is that Olga needs to have a voice. She's always being so nice to Helga. What would happen if Helga got short tempered with Olga one too many times? How would Helga react and respond? Would she react in anger and yell or would she react in shock and be at a loss for words? How would this affect the sisters? Would it bring them closer or would they become more distant than they already are? Does anyone think that this is a good idea? I want to come up with something different. I also would like to have a few fanfictions based solely on Olga. There are a lot of other stories that do not focus on the main characters. For example, I have noticed stories based on Lila, Rhonda, Harold, Big Patty etc. Why not write about Olga? I think she's a unique character that deserves more attention than she gets. How does Olga act when she's not around her parents and baby sis? Is Olga just as irritating with her peers as she is with Helga or does she only act that way around Helga? What happens to Olga after college? What is her personal life like? Does she realize that she irritates Helga and ignore it or is she really that oblivious and self centered? I think there is a lot to write about when I think of Olga. I have a few other stories in mind that are going to be based solely on Olga. I would appreciate any opinions and suggestions that people are willing to share.
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Hey Arnold! Story Ideas Empty Re: Hey Arnold! Story Ideas

Post by NJ on Tue Nov 23, 2010 7:01 pm

Well this topic's been gathering spiderwebs and dust but I'll dust it off and reply n_n I've recently joined this forum ... hmm sounds interesting, I have written a fic involving Olga as a secondary character she's still the same goody two shoes we know but Helga's gotten much closer to her since she finally understands that her sister genuinely cares about her more than Bob and Niriam do ... I just hope you didn't give up on your idea though.

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