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    Fri Mar 25, 2011 6:21 am
    Message by tailocdacnien
    Making a Mosaic Tabletop
    Author: ryosuryo | Category: Furniture, General, Home Appliances

    Making a Mosaic Tabletop

    So you have some leftover pieces of tile from a previous project. Or maybe you just want to add a punch of pizzazz to a bland, wooden coffee table. Creating an eye-catching tabletop mosaic, although time-consuming, requires little artistic skill. As long as you have small, colorful pieces of tile,leftovers or from a mosaic tile kit, you can create a fun mosaic design for nearly any tabletop!

    1. Gather small pieces of tile. If you choose to use leftover pieces, no matter their size, you can easily break them down to mosaic-friendly pieces by placing them upon a concrete slab and under a dishcloth. Then take a hammer, and smash the cloth, right in the center of each tile piece. Take care to watch for flying shards in your work area.

    2. From these pieces, choose a color scheme and style from pieces the same thickness. Remember, the smoother the tile pieces and the more basic the design, the easier the installation process and more formal the result. Determine if you want to attempt a central icon or color theme. If you opt to tile an image in the middle of the mosaic or repeat a theme, take note that the process requires more time and attention.

    3. Either trace and sketch the design directly onto the tabletop, or cut a piece of cardboard the same size as the area you intend to tile. Lay out the mosaic pattern on the table or cardboard, starting in the middle and working your way out. Leave at least .25″ between each piece for grout when spacing your mosaic design.

    4. Sand down the tabletop to remove any existing finish, dirt, and debris.

    5. Add only as much adhesive as you need to set one tile at a time, as adhesive dries very quickly. Transfer your design directly from the cardboard and caulk each piece one at a time into the wood, working from the inside out. Let the mosaic set for 24 hours.

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    Sun Jan 23, 2011 7:05 pm
    Message by l0ve0fevil
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