New person here. :)

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New person here. :)

Post by oranjeac on Thu Mar 05, 2015 5:22 am

Hello! :) I go by a lot of different nicknames (Orange, Rainbow, Oranje, ect) but you can call me Rain. I've been a fan of Hey Arnold since it first aired on Nick (90's kid through and through) and it's one of my top favorite cartoons (along with Avatar and Legend of Korra). I love the humor, the music, and most of all, the amount of depth that the characters had on the show. Hey Arnold was surprisingly dark and mature at times and I really appreciate how Arnold, Helga, and the rest of the gang had to tackle their own issues and insecurities. Although many of the situations were outlandish, at their core many of the episodes had a kernel of truth in them, reflective of our own lives. Like when Gerald talked about the urban legends of their neighborhood, it reminded me of my childhood ghost stories that my friends and I used to tell each other. When episodes revolved around Helga's and Arnold's families, it reassured me that it was perfectly okay not to have a traditional family (like Arnold's) and you weren't the only one with family issues (like Helga's). Hey Arnold kept it real even through the funny bits and that's something I really appreciate about the show.

As for me, I like writing, reading, watching animated works (big fan of disney and miyazaki), and playing video games. The two Hey Arnold characters I relate to the most are Chocolate Boy and Sid. Chocolate Boy because I too am addicted to chocolate and Sid because he reminded me of myself when I was his age (a little bit of a scaredy cat, interested in the occult, sometimes a bully to my siblings). I like to rp in my free time, so I'd love to do that too if anyone is interested. :3

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