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Yo! KaBlamoid4Life here

Post by KaBlamoid4Life on Fri May 06, 2011 7:08 am

Hey guys, I'm KaBlamoid4Life. Yeah, the name is because I used to be a huge KaBlam fan. I'm kind of over it but the name's stuck.

Anyway, I used to write horrible troll-fics for fun before deciding to go straight and write fanfiction that wasn't horribly misspelled, disgusting, stupid, or pretty much all of the above. I've written stuff for KaBlam and Doug, and just got started on a HA! fanfic. But I'm also working on an original fiction called Mezoa, about a dinosaur planet. I also do fanart. I've done tons of KaBlam art, plus a couple things for Doug.

Here's my DeviantArt page if you're interested. I also do reviews on RateYourMusic (which will tell you that I'm a huge hip-hop/rap fan). But just so you know, I have a really filthy "mouth" on those sites (which won't pop up here, cross my heart), so if you're easily offended by swearing and bawdiness, you may want to tread carefully. Just a heads up.

So that's pretty much my main schtick. It seems like a pretty cool community here!

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