Helga's Time To Shine-a TNS Preview

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Helga's Time To Shine-a TNS Preview

Post by NintendoGal55 on Sat Mar 27, 2010 2:48 am

Okay, so I drew this...um...weeks ago, I think. And I thought I'd share it here. So you can see a little depiction of Helga's time to shine! 8D First, I want to apologize...but Helga is INSANELY HARD TO DRAW! Dx I'm so using the drawing tips next time around. Seriously, she actually came out decent compared to other times I've attempted at drawing her, but man, so HARD. DX I know it sucks, but bear with me.

All right, so now you're probably thinking "Nintendo! What the heck's going on here?!" I shall explain.

This is a preview of a pretty interesting situation that'll come to happen in my crossover fanfiction The Ninja Story. Helga, though battered, bruised, bloody and muddy, still has her fire and determination, and ready to take down the evil villain!

That evil woman is Gaiaka. She's the sub-main villain in the story aside from Kabuto (with Orochimaru's power and spirit), the one who actually gets a taste of the action. I won't go into too much details of how she comes about or who she is, but she is pure evil and dangerous. She has green, snake-like eyes (like Orochimaru's), brown hair, and snake scales along her neck and shoulders. Oh yes, and fangs. No, she's not a vampire. It's obvious she's like a snake, duh. She uses a snake sword as her main weapon, and also summonings and various nature-based ninjutsu. She's pretty good for cheap shots, I might add. She's pure evil, and could kill you in one shot without remorse.

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So Helga's ready to take her down herself. But Gaiaka's not the least bit intimidated. No sir. But good ol' Helga can take her on! She can do anything with the proper motivation!

There you go, people. Enjoy the atrocity that is my drawing. *Shoots self* Oh, and my deviantART username is UchihaPrincess16, and that's where I posted it, that's why it's signed that way.

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