The Ninja Story-Hey Arnold!/Naruto Crossover

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The Ninja Story-Hey Arnold!/Naruto Crossover

Post by NintendoGal55 on Tue Mar 02, 2010 6:29 am

XD I did mention this one in my last post in this section, but I wanted to share it like this. >w<

Title: The Ninja Story
Series: Hey Arnold!/Naruto (Crossover)
Rating: Teen (PG-13)
Characters (Hey Arnold!): Arnold, Helga.... minor appearances by Gerald, Phoebe, Phil, Gertie, Miles, Stella, Big Bob, Miriam and Olga
Characters (Naruto): Deidara, Konan, Kabuto (with Orochimaru living within him), and some brief appearances by Naruto, Sakura...Team 8, Team 9, Team Gai, and others.
Pairing(s): ArnoldxHelga
Disclaimer: I do not own Hey Arnold! or Naruto. I only own my original characters.
Warnings: Violence, some strong language, and some sexual innuendo.
Summary: Arnold and Gerald come to find a strange amulet near a dumpster one day. They're pretty curious about it, and are on their way to the boarding house to check it out and see what it is and if they can find the owner of , along the way, they accidentally bump into Helga, which leads to her own little curiosity about the locket, and she and Arnold end up fighting over it, playing Tug-O-War while Gerald is trying to reason with them. Then it drops, opens up, and a strange light is illuminating from it. So now, even more curious, Arnold and Helga both reach for it and touch it, and a bright light flashes, blinding them. When the light clears...

Arnold and Helga are gone! Where did they go!? They ended up in a new dimension. A cross-dimension of a world just like theirs...only different. They end up in the dimension containing the world we know of as Naruto. All along the way they meet up with some characters, having to wander around this strange place with only each other to turn to, and later on become involved with two unlikely allies who they end up teaming up with in order to help the two kids find a way home. It all becomes one big, colossal adventure, full of discoveries, journeys, fights, rescues, formed friendships, and harboured feelings.

Notes: This will have A LOT of alternate changes in the Naruto series. Example, all the Akatsuki members live, but they do their own thing since that peace treaty thing between Naruto and the Akatsuki. The battle of Deidara VS Sasuke never happened. Orochimaru is dead, and lives within Kabuto. As for the Hey Arnold! section, it takes place after the movie, but as if The Jungle Movie didn't happen.

Here it is, folks. 8D I hope you guys will enjoy it.

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Re: The Ninja Story-Hey Arnold!/Naruto Crossover

Post by Weird1 on Tue Mar 02, 2010 8:39 am

GIVE IT A CHANCE! I was weird about it at first too. BUT IT'S AWESOME AND I'M HOOKED!! Seriously... read...

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